Sunday, 24 August 2014

blackkkk [SOLVED]

as you can tell, I've not update my Instagram lately
cas my Instagram got problem, I also don't know why
but the thumbnail shows the black image after the stage I apply a filter (but actually I didn't)
and of course only black image I can upload in the end 
maybe it's my xiao mi??
but i already done the factory reset, reset the WHOLE PHONE
is like a brand new phone again,
then I reinstall instagram
and guess what...
well I'm not like I can't live without Instagram but
this it's sad thou -_-
did you face the same problem before?
can you tell me how to fix it?
cas instagram already updated the apps several times but
still not working.
thank you
God Bless.

AND guess what
I googled it just now
someone said turn off the High-resolution image processing
and it works.....
thank you Google

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